Designed for the serious trainer.

BRUTEforce® Australia strives to achieve the TUFFEST home and commercial fitness equipment on the market. Precision engineering and quality manufacturing result in some serious heavy duty additions to any gym environment.

Australian Engineered

Meticulously engineered to suit everyone from the simple home user to the most advanced hardcore trainers.

Customer Satisfaction

With clients worldwide, BRUTEforce® Australia has delivered quality and functional satisfaction to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Quality Manufacture

BRUTEforce® undergoes tight quality checks to insure each machine and accessory is up to worldwide quality standards.


We are constantly competing with ourselves to further better our already refined equipment, bringing new ideas to the fitness industry.

Worldwide Distribution

BRUTEforce® has products used and loved all around the world. See our distributors to get your piece of BRUTEforce® today.

Growing Popularity

As BRUTEforce® Australia expands into the global market, more people are choosing BRUTEforce® as their go-to fitness equipment brand.


The pinnacle of functional trainers. Our 360PTX offers limitless functionality with quality features and style.

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An all-rounded trainer that offers a multitude of simple and compound exercises. Versatility in one machine.

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How It's Made?

BRUTEforce® Australia follows strict design and engineering procedures to produce outstanding gym and fitness equipment.


Designed by a team of skilled industry experts, BRUTEforce® Australia creates equipment that works.


Quality sourced materials and state of the art factories work together to create the BRUTEforce® vision.


All BRUTEforce® Australia products are tested under the harshest of scenarios to ensure quality and safety for its users.


Once each product has undergone the required testing, it is packaged and shipped to our distributors. Find one today!


The pinnacle of BRUTEforce® Australian design and engineering is the 360PTX Functional Trainer.

Innovative Design

The 360PTX is designed by industry professionals who know what is required to achieve the best results.

Superb Functionality

The 360PTX has been redesigned with the serious trainer in mind. With 100+ exercises, it really does do it all.

Commercial Quality

The 360PTX is designed to take a beating in the harshest of gyms, studios and training centres. BRUTEforce® is built to last.


Heavy Duty Power Rack is fitted with spotting arms and commercial grade J-Hooks which are quick and easy to remove and adjust.

Smith Machine

25mm self-aligning linear bearings. The Smith Machine bar has a 35mm diameter improving the weight rating by an extra 100kgs.

Weight Stack Pulley System

Two precision cut steel 100kg pin select weight stacks allow for smooth pulley cable exercises.

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